Kawasaki/Yokohama church
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Baptist church in Kawasaki
Church Life at Denen Grace
Sunday Worship


The following regular services and programs are held at the church location, Cozy Hall. We welcome anyone to join!

Kawasaki church service
Kids Children Church
We offer a program for your children. Come worship together as a family. We welcome first-time visitors!   More Q&A about church
Mizonokuchi Sunday School
Mizonokuchi church outdoor service
Gospel Choir in Kawasaki Yokohama
Sunday School
Sundays at 10am
Kids and adults
Seasonal Events
Concerts, seminars, picnics, retreats, etc.
Gospel Workshop
2nd & 4th Sundays
Spring and Fall
Small Group


If you are interested in studying the Bible in English or Japanese, and going deeper in your relationship with others, we have a small group for you! These groups are open for anyone to participate!

Youth Bible Study Kawasaki
English Bible Study Small Group Kawasaki
Ladies Bible Study Small Group
Youth Small Group
English Bible Class
English Small Group
Ladies Small Group
Young Small Group Kawasaki
Beginners Bible Study Basic Kawasaki
Mens Small Group
Young Professionals
Basic Christianity
1 on 1 Bible Study
Mens Small Group

Q&A about Church

Q. Is there something I should wear or bring?
A. Not really. We have everything prepared that you need right here. Just come as you are.

Q. What should I know about church etiquette?
A. You should know that you need not worry about it. People around you will be happy to help you know what is going on and help you feel at home.

Q. Is there some cost or offering involved?
A. We take an voluntary offering every Sunday. Those that call Denen Grace Chapel their home church will freely give. But visitors to our church needn’t worry or feel pressured at all.

Q. What kind of people go to Denen Grace?
A. All kinds! Businessmen, housewives, students, children, young professionals, foreigners, Japanese, Christians, non-Christians, just regular people! You’ll fit in fine!

See more Q&A about church